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2 December 2020 - 8 December 2020
Starting 2 Dec, 3.30pm JST, Tokyo, Japan
TechBIZKON IV Connected Industries

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TechBIZKON IV Connected Industries

Attend online on December 2, 2020, when startups from Austria, Finland, Germany and Japan present state of the art connected industries solutions at CIC/Venture Café Tokyo 

  • A cross border pitching event with selected startups as a hybrid event, that is live at Tokyo Venture Café and live-streamed on this platform
  • 4 countries x 3 startups = 12 high potential startup pitches
  • Keynotes feat. top speakers from the industry and public organizations from Austria, Finland, Germany and Japan
  • Startup voting competition by all participants of the hybrid event

Fix your individual online meetings with participants after the pitches or on the following days

  • pre-event messaging and contact system
  • easy video calls directly via this platform

    Topics addressed?

    • Smart factory
    • IOT in production
    • Digitalization of production processes
    • Industry 4.0
    • Robotics and automation in production
    • Smart warehousing
    • Risk management in production
    • Positioning solutions in industrial processes
    • Chip design tool
    • Customer engagement plattform

    Why participate?

    • For producing companies: get to know new solutions to increase production efficiency, logistics and to digitalize your processes
    • For CVC: co-opt and invest in technologies already on the market in Europe with proven solutions in the B2B market. Solutions suitable to adopt within your corporate. 
    • For VCs/investors: all of the participating startups are later stage, beyond prototyping and have had one or several rounds of financing. High potentials with proven market records and sales, ideal to discover promising investment targets.
    • For media/journalists/bloggers: get to know new solutions from Europe and Japan to help corporates benefiting from advances in digitalization, robotics and factory automation
    • Incubators, localization agencies, consulters: offer your services to companies interested in the Japanese market

    How can you benefit from this event?

    • Discover innovative startups, new technologies, products and services
    • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled online meetings
    • Make new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
    • Get Information about latest's trends, talk to public agencies from Austria, Germany and Finland participating in the online matching
    • Publish and showcase your own projects or business needs to event participants


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